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Career 1

Technology Education


Career 1:

Growing Up and the Road Ahead







Daniel P.


As you're getting older, you're beginning to make more and more decisions on your own. Some decisions are simpler than others. Choosing your clothes or ordering a meal are much easier than deciding a life long career but they are in some ways similar. Like a ordering a meal, your career should be something you like and enjoy and like choosing your clothing it should be a comfortable expression of who you are. With this in mind, you will begin exploring career possibilities by examining your own likes, dislikes and personal strengths and weaknesses.

Where do I go from here?

Consider the questions below:

bullet How old will you be and what do you want to be doing in 5 years?
bullet How about 10 to 15 years?
bullet Now for the big jump 20 years?

What are your choices after high school?

bullet College
bullet Military service
bullet Vocational School
bullet Internships
bullet Industrial or service jobs
bullet Marriage

What do I want?

Think about careers that interest you, then ask the following questions:

bullet What do I enjoy doing? Could I make money doing it?
bullet What can I do really well (possible strengths)? Will these things help in my career choices?
bullet What are some things that I don't do very well (possible weaknesses)?  Will these interfere will my career choices? How can I improve or overcome these problems?
bullet What type of training, education, or experience will I need?
bullet Can I do this job and live where I want to live?
bullet How much money will I need to own the things I want and live they way I want?
bullet What type of work environment do I want? (indoors / outdoors, business hours, and conditions, with a team or alone, travel or stay at home)

What's my line?

Have you ever heard the expression, he or she is a real "people person"? What type of person are you? Are you outgoing, talkative and like working in groups or do you prefer a quiet setting where you can focus and work alone? Would you rather be the on-site hands-on individual cutting, nailing, and constructing a building or are you more likely to work the computer and phones organizing and managing the building project? Look at the list of categories below and see which ones best describes what you like to do.

DATA: Working with information, papers, organizing records, collecting statistics, keeping files (Thinking)
PEOPLE: Working with others, being with friends, teamwork, cooperation, helping or persuading others (Feeling)
THINGS: Working with your hands, using objects or tools, seeing results you can touch (Sensing)
IDEAS: Working with concepts, new ways of thinking about your world, finding patterns (Intuition)


Begin your planning by completing Worksheet 1-1

After you have completed  Worksheet 1-1, return to this web site and continue with Careers 2. If you need a break click here.