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Technology Education


Career Introduction: A Deeper Examination





Up to this point, your answers have been based on your own opinion or self perceptions. From this moment on we're going to take a more formal approach.

You may have heard or seen commercials for computerized or internet dating services. People are asked a series of questions and their answers are "scientifically" compared and using  a sort of math and logic are matched with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Think of this next activity as a career matching service. By searching through the Career Matchmaker results, you will learn a great deal of information relating to jobs and discover new career ideas and expand your future possibilities

 To begin read then follow the instructions below:

  1. Click each link and follow the instructions shown on each of the videos.
    Logging into
    Taking the Matchmaker survey
    Reviewing Matchmaker results
  2. Click here to go to the Career Cruising website, login, and to take your career assessment
  3. When the Career Matchmaker surveys have been completed and saved, use the information to complete  Worksheet 2-1 in your packet.
  4. Try to kiss the end elbow. If you can show your teacher for a sweet reward.

    After you have completed Worksheet 2-1 return to this web site and continue with Career 3.