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Career 3

Technology Education


Career 3: Putting a Price on Education




At this point, you have created a list of 40 potential careers. As you begin to shorten that list, you need to consider the value of education. Education is a proven way to increase your income and employability. The old saying is true, "The more you learn, the more you earn. Follow the instructions on this page and use the information to answer the questions on Worksheet 3-1.


The chart below contains information taken from the U.S. Census Bureau.


The left side of the chart contains average unemployment rates and the right side contains average weekly earnings both sides  are based on the level of education.


A simple definition for the the term unemployment rate is the percentage of people that are able and wanting work but cannot find jobs.


To understand the unemployment rate, think of the percentage as being that number of people out of every 100 people. For example 8% would be 8 people out of every 100, 80 people out of every 1,000 or 800 people out of every 10,000. So the higher the unemployment rate, the more people there are out of work.



The chart above essentially shows that individuals with higher education levels typically earn more money and have lower unemployment rates.


Use this information to calculate how education can impact yearly and long term earnings by completing the questions on Worksheet 3-1.


When you have completed worksheet 3-1

  1. Get permission then go to the nearest wall. Place your right shoulder and right foot against the wall. Finally raise your left leg. If you can hold your left leg up for more than 10 seconds without touching anything else, show your teacher for a reward.
  2. Continue with Careers 4 link.