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Career 4

Technology Education


Career Introduction: Getting the Facts





The time has come for you to commit, at least for this project, to a single career.

From your previous worksheets, select the career that you would most like to pursue.

If you've chosen a low percentage career such as professional sports (NCAA Research) or entertainment continue this project by researching your Plan B. In other words, what will be you be studying while you are in college. Remember the path to most professional sport and entertainment jobs is through college drafts and programs. This is not meant to discourage you but you must declare a college major and you need to have a plan in place both as a safety net and to make plans for a post professional career. Keep in mind that these professions have a shorter life span compared to other careers.


With your choice made ask yourself:

  • What do you really know about the career I've selected?
  • How much will I earn?
  • What type of training will I need?
  • Will it be hard to find a job in the area I want to live?

Until now, what you know about your career choice is probably a guess or maybe something you've heard. In this activity you’ll take a more formal look at your career choice. Using federal and other resources, you'll complete worksheet 4-1 and in the process answer questions similar to those above.


 Read and following the instructions below:

  • View and follow the instructions on the Career 4 video, click here to begin.
  • Click here to go to the Career Cruising website and your saved careers.
  • Use the Career Information from your CareerCruising portfolio to provide answer the questions on Worksheet 4-1. When you've finished, consider the information you've learned. How long will it take you to get the training you need? Will you make enough money to live the life you want?
  • If you couldn't find your career or don't know the specific job title or would like more information you can use a more broad approach by searching through Career Clusters. Click here for an instructional video.
    Click here for the Bureau of Labor Statistics website or use "Other resources" links in the left-hand panel above.
  • Next, begin your PowerPoint presentation. Click here for video instructions.
    a. If you haven't done so, create a folder called: teched on your h:drive.
    b. Click here to download and save the PowerPoint template to your h:drive, in your TechEd Folder, change the file name to: lastname firstname Career.

There isn't a minimal number of slides, however, your slides and presentation should summarize the information you've covered so far. (Use your worksheets.) Remember to use bulleted statements that express your main ideas.
Feel free to include pictures, videos, and sounds but only if they are related to your presentation. Also be careful of the colors that you choose. You will want to make sure your text is easy to see.

  • To avoid loss, save your work frequently. Again be sure  to save to your h:drive, teched folder and use the file name: lastname firstname Career
  • Once your slides have been saved return to this web site and continue with Careers 5.
  • Sing a Simple Song by HampsterDance (This may take some time, so please be pateint while it downloads)