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Career 6: Finding Your Job



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Please read the following information and answer the questions on Worksheet 6-1.


Now that you've prepared to enter the job market, either by completing college, technical schools, or some other means, it's time to find your job. Some of the options available for finding a job include employment agencies, job fairs, professional groups, personal referrals, and direct applications.


For this project, we are simply going to assume that you were able to find the job you wanted, earning entry level wages, and in the area you want to live. Be aware that for most this isn't reality, especially when you consider decreases in manufacturing, increased global competition and higher unemployment rates. Many will need to move or take jobs outside their degree profession just to support themselves and their families. Finding a job takes time, preparation, a well developed resume, and perseverance.


Employers are looking for individuals that have job related knowledge (education) and experience but also want individuals with excellent verbal and written communication skills. They seek individuals that are analytical and researchers, in other words thinkers and problem solvers. They also want individuals to have computer and technical literacy and be self-reliant, someone that is disciplined and posses honesty and integrity.


It's never too soon to start preparing for your career. For this activity, you will record your goals, extracurricular activities, and experience both on the Career Cruising website and on Worksheet 6-1.  If you continue to update this information throughout high school, and college, you will have ample material for an impressive resume and job interview.


View and follow the instructions on the Career 6 video, click here to begin.

Though not required, you may click on the online job search links just to see if and what kind of jobs are available in your career area.

Complete Worksheet 6-1 then return to this web site and continue with the Career 7 link.