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Career 7: Getting a Ride







Top 10 Rejected Automobile Names
10. The Mini Scooper
09. The Scion Fiction
08. Lincoln Lloginental
07. The Chevy Chaser
06. The Infinity Payment
05. Cadillac Coupe Delimone
04. The VW Beagle
03. The Buick Thighmaster
02. The Dodge Ball
01. The Ford Pinto II


Let the search begin 7-1


You have several options when buying a car. Many car companies have web sites that allow you to "design/build" the vehicle you want, then search for a dealer that has that exact or near exact vehicle on their lot. You may also search newspapers, trader magazines, internet sites, local dealers or just ask around. Perhaps someone you know will know someone that has a car for sale.


For this exercise, search for your automobile using the links below. Again consider the cost as you shop. How much is a gallon of gas and how far will that take you? (miles per gallon) How much will it cost to replace the tires? The differences in sizes and styles could mean hundreds of dollars. For some good shopping advice, use the "Shopping Tips" links in the left panel.

Below are some basic terms used to describe automobiles and body types:

Make: the company that makes the vehicle. (Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet)
Model: the name of the car (Mustang, Dakota, Corvette)
Year: the year the vehicle was made
Body Styles:

Coupe: typically a small 2 door (compact) car able to seat 2-4 adults.
Sedan: typically a mid-sized 2 or 4 door car able to seat 4-5 adults.
Crossover: typically a larger car / station wagon that has features similar to a sports utility vehicle or minivan.
SUV: sports utility vehicle, a high-performance four-wheel drive vehicle built on a truck chasis.
Minivan: a family sized van shaped vehicle.
Truck: a 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicle used to carry cargo or tow a variety of trailers. Trucks come with a variety of cabs: 2 door (2-3 passengers), extended cab (3-5 passengers), or 4 door (4-6 passengers).

Options: added vehicle features. (Sunroofs, Navigational Systems, Chrome wheels, Premium stereo systems)
New: a vehicle that has never been owned.
Used: a vehicle that has at least one previous owner.

When you have located your automobile complete Worksheet 7-1. Be sure to save a picture of your vehicle to your H:drive in your teched folder. You will need to add this to your PowerPoint Presentation later.

After you have completed this task, return to this webpage and continue with the "The cost of ownership" section below.



Helpful Links:

Auto Loan Auto Insurance U.S. City Zip Codes

Auto Pricing Guides

Kelley Blue Book NADA



Car Companies


BuickCadillac  GMC Pickup Trucks, SUVs and Vans for 2005  Hummer  oldsmobile  Pontiac     contact


FordLincolnMercuryMazdavolvoJaguarLand RoverAston Martin
NISSAN    tallGo to Drivers Wanted porcheAudi logoBMW

BMW2mercedesmini hyundai mitsubishi subaur


Online Trading

cars comused cars for sale, sell your car, auto financing and insuranceBuy and sell vehicles, parts and accessories online on eBay Motors - where smart car buyers startcarmax




After you have completed this task, return to this webpage and continue with the "The cost of ownership" section below and worksheets 7-2 (loan) and 7-3 (insurance).


The cost of ownership

Now that you've picked out your car, let's take a look at the cost involved. To get moving, you'll have the purchase or financing costs, taxes, title, tags, and insurance. To keep moving, you'll need fuel, oil changes, tires, maintenance, and renewal of your taxes, tags, and insurance. For this exercise, however, we will only focus on two cost, loan and insurance.

When purchasing a new or used car, you may need to borrow money from a bank or other lending company. The signed terms and agreements between the lender and the borrower is  a legal contract called a loan. Keep in mind that the money isn't provided without charge.


In addition to repaying the amount you borrowed (principle) the bank or lending company charges you a percentage fee (interest). For example, if you borrowed $100 at 10% you would have to repay $110 ($100 principle + $10 interest).  The term or life of the loan is the agreed length of time taken to repay the loan amount and is usually expressed in months or years with payments due on a monthly basis. A three year loan would include 36 months with a schedule of 36 payments, each due on specific date each month.


To determine the total purchase price, click here then read and carefully follow the video instructions. Use the information to complete Worksheet 7-2 (loan).

You will also need to click here to open the Loan Calculator Spreadsheet.


The insurance issue

Along with a license, drivers are required by law to maintain auto-insurance. The cost of insurance varies a lot and is based on such things as the amount and type of coverage, the value and type of vehicle and even personal information like driving history and even things like good grades can be factors.


Below are some basic terms used to describe auto-insurance policies. Please note these are general descriptions and types of coverage and terms vary among insurance companies.

Auto or Car insurance: a form of financial protection against theft, injury, or accidents that involve automobiles and their owners.
Liability Coverage: a type of insurance that provides payment for damages or injuries caused by your vehicle to other people or property.
Comprehensive: a type of insurance that provides payment for auto related damages, theft, natural disasters, or injuries to you, your passengers, or your vehicle.
Deductible: The amount that you will pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage applies. For example, if a rock hits and breaks your cars window and the repair costs $500. If your deductible is $200, then you will pay the first $200 and the insurance company will pay the remaining amount of $300.


 To determine your insurance cost, click here then read and carefully follow the video instructions. Use the information to complete Worksheet 7-3 (insurance).

You will also need to click here access the Esurance insurance web site.


My Favorite Car:

With a cost of  $650,000 each, should a typical middle school teacher expect to own the world's fastest (257.44 mph and 1153 horse power) production car the Shelby Super Car - Ultimate Aero?