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Career Introduction: Planning Ahead




If you were hoping to take a vacation, you might start saving money, making reservations, getting tickets, and checking the internet for things to do and places see. Planning ahead can help you see the places you want and give you the best deals for your time and money.


Planning your career works much the same way. The sooner you begin, the greater your chances are of reaching your goals and dreams. What happens to those who don't plan ahead?




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Paula Poundstone



Now ask yourself

What do I want to do?   What do I want to be?   Where do I want to go?   What do I want to achieve?

This project is designed to help you answer those questions and discover if the career you’ve chosen will support the life style you want.



For this project you will:


Choose a possible career
Research basic career information
Research cost of living expenses
Create a monthly budget
Create a PowerPoint presentation and for extra credit present it in the classroom.

Simply put:


You will research the job you choose and answer questions like:
Will I have to go to college?
How much will I make?
How much will it cost to live?
How hard would it be to nail Jell-O to a wall?





After completing your research and worksheets, You will create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your career findings. Extra credit points can be earned by presenting your material in class.

PowerPoint Presentations


Must meet all the objectives

Must complete all online Career Cruising activities and classroom worksheets

Information must be accurate, organized, relevant, and clearly stated

PowerPoint slides must complement and be relevant to the career project

May include pictures, graphs, audio, and video clips

Information sources must be cited (Search engines are not sources! Search engines find and provide links to sources.)




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